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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  January 25, 2011 5:00pm-5:15pm EST

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president obama is public approval has been rising. he intends to continue his comeback with the state of the union speech. >> everything will be ok. i hope so anyways. >> the president will call for bipartisanship. after the assassination attempt on one of their own, they will keep a.c. and deeper gabrielle giffords. unlike last year andreviously, many will sit with members of the opposite party. >> a gesture, an effort to try and come together. >> if we cannot sit together on an important night like this, how to replace the real challenges that the country has? >> mitch mcconnell had no plans to sit with democrats or by tonight's proposals. >> when democrats talk about investments, they should grab their wallets. >> spending now on a better power grid, better training for
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american workers were supercharge -- will supercharge. >> house voted to cut the budget by $60 billion. >> in the days of getting spending under control large just beginning. >> deep cuts could hurt the economy. >> and risks throwing more americans out of work. >> everyone agrees that jobs is a sheer number one. president obama is sure to emphasize that in his speech tonight. from capitol hill, wbal-tv 11 news. >> as we mentioned, deoborah is on capitol hill. what are the local lawmakers saying about the state of the union? >> one of the putbacks stories has to do with seating. as you know, the partisan divide has been the signature of the state of the union address. sometimes it is even part of the
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entertainment. one side is clapping, the other side sits on their hands. tonight come in is all mixed up and mainly for the spirit of unity, at least for tonight. >> i am coming in with senator lisa murkowski. >> i am not sure where i will sit yet. if it is on the republican side, that is fine. and is a good idea. >> you were asked to sit with republican bartlett and harris. >> i said you guys work it out. >> to have known each other for many years. we worked together find. i asked him and he said, "sure." >> i am double dating tonight as far as my escorts. it will be an interesting evening. i am looking forward to it. a great moment for our nation.
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>> some news to pass on to you from the maryland delegation, big news, from that long rush- hour ride, he learned he will be the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee. that is a very, very big deal which covers everything from cyber security to terrorism. thorton i on the state of the incoming about 6:00. -- more tonight on the state of the union. >> you can watch the state of the union address right here on wbal-tv 11. we will also have a live on our website, >> the new state unemployment numbers are down. for a fourth straight month, the jobless rate is unchanged at 7.4%. the latest gonzales poll shows the economy and jobs are the top concerns.
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statewide, 58% believe the economy is the most important issue. 15% say the budget deficit is the top a share. when it comes to the governor's job performance, more than 57% approval compared to the 29% who disapprove of how martin o'malley has done his job. what do maryland think about president obama's approval rating? a 54% approved. it surveys opinions on gun- control in the recent debate over whether intense political rhetoric leads to acts of violence. you can see what people had to say and more on line on the >> this survey was released on the very same day lawmakers introduced a same-sex legislation in the general assembly. david collins has been battling the issue and george s. libra from annapolis with the very latest. -- and joins us live from
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annapolis. >> if this passes, it will probably be petitioned to a referendum question on the 2012 ballot. these two women have been together for 29 years. on their 30th anniversary, they would like to be married in maryland. they could go to d.c. or six other states, but then they would feel like second-class citizens here at home. they went to send a message to their two daughters that they should be treated equally. >> all of our friends and family are here. our churches here. we thought about going to washington, but it is hard of thinking you could just add this up in the suitcase. >> my tenure on said, "it is just a dignity problem. i do not want to have to give long explanations about my family and that my mother's are not married. this is about dignity. we need the same dignity that other families have.
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i think she gets it. i hope other people get it. >> the religious freedom and civil liberty act is backed by boat chain -- both chambers. it allows same sex partners to legally emigrate. if it does not require all churches or synagogues to acknowledge them. they would receive all the rights as heterosexual couples. >> i believe that rather than continuing on a piecemeal approach that we give full merger quality and that we get it in 2011. >> i come from a family that is known for civil rights. this is the civil rights issue of our generation. >> the merger quality act is the first bill sponsored by kiefer mitchell. he brought the pen that spiro agnew used to sign the law that repealed the interracial
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marriage law. >> i look forward to having a letter like this and a pen from gov. martin o'malley. >> despite the positive polling results and the big spend off -- sendoff from the bill has a lot of opponents. two of them sound off new at 6:00. live from annapolis, david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and baltimore police are releasing a possible reason for the crash that killed a 10-year veteran. according to quit the baltimore sun," he was most likely distracted by a film crew on the opposite side of the highway. the october 28th accident happened along rte. 40 around 10:00 a.m. in west baltimore. he was traveling 62 miles per hour just before slamming into a fire truck. he was one of three baltimore police officers killed within a one month span. >> in an 11 insta-weather + alert, rain, sleet, and slow --
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snow is headed our way. tom tasselmyer joins us. >> this is a pretty extensive area of low pressure producing a lot of rain so far to our south. a lot of moisture coming out of the gulf coast region and tracking along the carolina coast. the system is now spreading reign -- bwhoa. the leading edge of this will dry up before it reaches the ground underneath the cloud cover. even though we see some rain on the hd doppler, it will not reach until later tonight. temperatures are above freezing. it is likely to be a mixed. sometime after 2:00 tonight, a 28-33 with a mixed bag of rain, sleet, and snow.
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details of that coming up in a little bit. >> state budget cuts could force baltimore city to eliminate some teaching positions. that is what we are hearing from the city school ceo. tim tooten is live in the newsroom with this story. how serious are these cuts? >> it is serious in a tie me talk about cutting the jobs of teachers. the district believes they could come up $50 million short in this year's budget. it may be too early to know just how many baltimore teaching jobs could be in jeopardy. this, administrators say that for now they are preparing for the worst. >> it means higher class sizes. we have cut the central office by over 500 positions and 34% of the past two years. >> the projections are based on governor o'malley's latest
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budget proposal which is the -- which does not include extra money to run the schools. this comes as a did surprise to the head of the baltimore teachers union. >> it is early to be talking about cutting teaching positions when he does not know how many teachers will retire and how many vacancies they will have come in june. >> in recent months, baltimore city teachers approved a new contract which included raises and other key incentives. that is why school officials are so concerned that budget reductions could close the door on those who want to work in the city. >> we are seeing a huge rush of people trying to work for us. not simply teachers but administrators. we want to make use of that moment, but we will see what happens. >> the teacher union hopes will be a change for the better. this would no doubt lead to
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larger class sizes. >> i am concerned about class sizes because they are already large in some schools. i am concerned. >> the news comes as baltimore city is seeing a rise in student enrollment, graduation rates, and test scores. it is still in the early stages of making changes to the budget. live in the newsroom, tim tooten,. >> trouble in rahm emmanuel's run for chicago mayor. questions because the label says fat-free or whole grain, and may not help your diet. we will name some of the foods that seem healthier than they really are. >> finally, i am pleased to announce that the best picture nominees for 2010 are -- >> she is hoping to announce for this year's academy awards. the movies that made the cut.
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>> i am wrong roblin. recognize and the chesapeake bay. that story coming up. -- breaking water on the chesapeake bay. >> i will tell you all about a new at 5:30.
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>> the cost of treating heart disease expected to skyrocket within the next two decades. in a statement from the american heart association predicts the cost of annual heart disease will triple by 2013 to more


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